my mind is foggy, however, each step forward reveals a new idea waiting to take hold and express itself.

Last Meal

Two brothers share a meal together before they are to stand in opposition of each other in battle.


Tripp and Chase are called to a mysterious island to find the cause of the recent problems in the forest.


     “Tell me. What is it you fear most?” the shapeless creature asked, “I want the joy of feasting on your terror.”      Try as he might, the traveller couldn’t help but stare into the blood-red eyes glistening before him. Save for his perpetual fear, those piercing eyes were the only constant in this foreign world. TheContinue reading “Craven”

A Chapter a Day

So, my goal is to post a chapter of a book I’m working on every day. There will be typos, there will be mistakes, it will be a first draft. I’m going to use this opportunity to go through and edit each chapter each day and, hopefully, come out with a second draft once it’sContinue reading “A Chapter a Day”

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